For people and the environment -
Sustainable planning from a single source

Polyplan – Kreikenbaum Group GmbH

Planning office for environmental technology, landscape architecture, aquaculture, TBE, lakes and pools

The diversity of our fields of activity has been reflected in the first part of our name for over 30 years: Poly – plan – we plan (diversely). With creativity and expertise, we accompany our customers with an interdisciplinary team of engineers, architects and natural scientists through all phases of their project. From project development, planning and implementation to operational support. In order to expand our knowledge, we are also continuously involved in research projects. We are also happy to share the results in a wide variety of associations and regulatory committees. Always with the ultimate goal of developing unique solutions – for people and the environment.

Current projects

Brine natural bath Bad Gandersheim

Natural swimming pool Linderhohl

Natural Swimming Pool Loon-Plage

Natural Swimming Pool Mont-près-Chambord

Natural swimming pool “MuRheNa”

Bicycle Repair Cafe “neusi’s

Damm Aquaculture GmbH & Co.KG

Straussvej Courtyard

Waterpark Wennigsen

Environment and climate protection

The environment and climate protection are particularly important to us as a company. Whenever possible, we plan with environmentally friendly materials and use energy and resources sparingly. Both in the projects and in our everyday work, we are working on an improved CO2 balance. In our office building, for example, we produce electricity with our own solar system and mainly use the train for business trips.

CO2 savings since 2011

89,443 tCO 2



see german electricity mix:
401 g CO2eq /kWh


506,468 tCO 2


15 employees á 2600 km/month;
diff. Car/long-distance traffic: 102
g CO2eq /kWh