Dipl. Ing. Stefan Bruns

Managing Director

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 11
e-mail: bruns@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Stefan is the founder of Polyplan GmbH and is the managing director of Polyplan-Kreikenbaum Gruppe GmbH.

More information

Mr. Bruns is the managing director responsible for our Bremen team. Contact him if you have new project ideas, or want to solve technical problems in the areas of lake restoration and swimming pools.

Furthermore, Mr. Bruns:

  • Member of the Technical Baths Committee of the Federal Association of Public Baths http://www.baederportal.com/ab-archiv-des-badewesens/
  • Founding member ABS (Arbeitskreis für Badeseen und Schwimmteiche) http://www.abs-naturbad.de/
  • Member of the standardization committee of the FLL (Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e.V.) for the development of recommendations for planning, construction, maintenance and operation of public pools with biological water treatment. http://www.fll.de
  • Managing Director of the IOB ( International Association for the Bathing Industry) http://www.iob-ev.eu/

Dipl. Ing. Sebstian Flohre

Project Manager

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 16
e-mail: flohre@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Sebastian is your contact for execution planning of water treatment for DIN- baths and natural baths. In addition, Mr. Flohre is responsible for the division management of technical building equipment.

Dipl. Ing. Petra Huge

Project Manager

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 25
e-mail: huge@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Petra is responsible for the planning of outdoor swimming pools with biological water treatment, especially design of water technology and planning and supervision of water treatment measures for urban waters and lakes. She is the contact person for the international Polyplan network.

B. Eng. Mirko Ohlzen

Project Manager

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 274
e-mail: ohlzen@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Mirko has been a permanent part of our team since 2016. He focuses on building simulation, flow and solute transport simulation, and model development of limnological processes.

Dipl. Biol. Christina Pepler

Project Manager

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 15
e-mail: peppler@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Christina supervises shrimp farmers, conducts training and works in-house in R&D.

M. A. Claudia Brunnmeier

Project manager and designer

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 260
e-mail: brunnmeier@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Claudia is project manager and responsible for technical drawings. She has been designing in the field of urban and open space planning for more than ten years.

M.Sc. Daniel Geisler

Project Engineer

Tel: 0170 / 621 77 73
e-mail: geisler@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Daniel is a project engineer responsible for lakes, urban water bodies, and storm-water management for water sensitive design.

Florian Reuter

State Certified for HVAC technology

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 273
e-mail: reuter@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Florian is your contact person about all topics concerning technical building equipment.

M. A. Hannes Kurzreuther


Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 21
e-mail: kurzreuther@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Hannes oversees our pools and is also active in lake restoration.

Dipl. Ing. Jakob Stocker

Project Manager

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 20
e-mail: stocker@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Jakob specializes in measurement and automation technology in the field of water treatment.

M. Sc. Janne Baden

Project Manager

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 18
e-mail: baden@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Janne is responsible for the operational support of pools with biological water treatment. As part of the pools monitoring, she is the contact person for all topics related to pool operations.

Jeannette Sobotta


Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 12
e-mail: sobotta@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Jeanette is responsible for office management and organization, as well as bookkeeping and accounting.

B. Sc. Leon Müller

Project Engineer

Tel: 0176/ 243 300 08
e-mail: mueller@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Leon is responsible for plant support, remote maintenance and measurement and control technology.

B. Sc. Maren Schwacke

Project Engineer

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 363
e-mail: schwacke@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Maren works in MSR, there mainly remote maintenance and plant support.

Dipl. Ing. Martin Kroeger

Project Manager

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 14
e-mail: kroeger@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Martin specializes in water treatment for swimming pools and aquaculture facilities.

Dipl. Ing. Nanya Tatzel


Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 17
e-mail: tatzel@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Nanya is responsible for technical drawings,
Building construction and pool technology in all service phases.

Dipl. Ing. Nina Bremers


Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 13
e-mail: bremers@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Nina is responsible for technical drawings,
views and sections.

Dipl. Ing. Nina Röttgers

Project Manager

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 278
e-mail: roettgers@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Nina is a project engineer responsible for lakes and urban waters. Her other areas of focus include environmental impact category assessment, research and development, and monitoring and stewardship of natural outdoor pools and water bodies.

M. Eng. Ninad Velankar

Project Engineer

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 25
e-mail: velankar@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Ninad is a Project Engineer in Team Planning and marketing.

Nora Moussalli

Administration and reception

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 10
e-mail: moussalli@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Nora supports our project team and is responsible for general office administration and auditing.

Dipl. Ing (FH) Oliver Gert

Project Engineer

Tel: 0160/ 220 69 16
e-mail: gert@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Oliver is mainly involved in the construction supervision of our projects, but also supports the project management in the various planning phases.

M. A. Sonja Lindhorst-Köhler


Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 261
e-mail: koehler@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Sonja is responsible for technical drawings, views and sections, down to the smallest corner.

M. Sc. Ulrich Spille

Project Engineer

Tel: 0421/ 17 876 – 23
e-mail: spille@polyplan-kreikenbaum.eu

Ulrich works in our pools team and is responsible for water treatment, pool planning and aquaculture.