Natural Swimming Pool Loon-Plage

Execution time:
2019 to 2021

In the Loon-Plage biological bathing site, opened in 2013, there were breaches in the water quality limits, especially for the parameter Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
To rectify this situation, in 2018 the municipality commissioned the consulting company SINBIO to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the situation. In 2019, SINBIO SCIO, in collaboration with Polyplan-Kreikenbaum, carried out the design of the rehabilitation work. The pool was opened for the public in the summer of 2021 with a new water treatment system.

Usable Water surface: 1,100 m²

Nominal number of visitors: 400 Visitors/day

Water treatment:

Neptune Filter: 150 m²

Planted Water surface: 400 m²