Südsee-Camp Wietzendorf

Restoration of the swimming lake eliminated the annual blue-green algae blooms, making it possible to use the lake permanently.

Lake Bellandur

Development of a restoration concept for Lake Bellandur in 2012 by Polyplan-Kreikenbaum Group GmbH.

TIBEAN Wahnbach Dam

The deep water aerator in the Wahnbachtalsperre has the task of oxygen transportation and distribution as effectively as possible.

“Los Condes” Santiago de Chile

As part of the permitting design for the new Cuervo Reservoir (13,149 ha) in Patagonia, Polyplan performed water quality forecasting calculations.

TIBEAN Aabach-Talsperre

The deep water aerator (TIBEAN) ensures a constant oxygen supply to the dam, which provides drinking water for >250,000 inhabitants.

Cemetry Riensberg

Implementation of a water monitoring program in the form of regular measurements, maintenance and the initiation of improvement measures.

Cemetry Osterholz

Implementation of various rehabilitation and restoration measures from 1998 to 2018 at the Osterholz Cemetery in Bremen.

Bois de Vincennes Paris

In the traditional park Bois de Vincennes North Paris, Polyplan-Kreikenbaum was responsible for the design planning of a seasonal bath in the listed park lake.