Natural pool info 01/2021

Dear readers
With the third edition of the Naturbadinfo we are of course also dedicating ourselves to the topic of the year 2020: Covid-19. While our everyday lives are still determined by the pandemic, there are also various other topics that have kept us busy over the past year. We would like to introduce them to you here. About feedback and other interesting topic suggestions for the next issue
we look forward to it anytime.

Greetings and stay healthy!

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Hannes Kurzreuther, Janne Baden, and Nina Röttgers [Polyplan-Kreikenbaum]
Inga Eydeler, Dr. Antje Kakuschke, Dr. Stefanie Hirch, Dr. Jurgen Spieker [KLS Gewässerschutz]
on behalf of the working group bathing lakes and swimming ponds (ABS)