Natur Pool Info 2023

Dear Readers,
the memories of the pandemic‘s restrictions on pool operations were just fading when the next
bad news hit pool operators last year. Due to the gas shortage, pool water temperatures in indoor
pools were reduced in order to contribute to energy savings. The situation has since stabilized
again, but after covid demonstrated how reliant on the natural world we are for a healthy existence,
the gas crisis demonstrated our need on natural resources. Although there may be different supply
chains, gas resources are limited. We have confronted both crises directly „on our own doorstep“ in the pools. And both crises have made it clear that humankind must always find ways to live with the conditions that nature sets. In the short term, man can modify them in his own
favor, but in the long term, adaptation is always inevitable.

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Nina Röttgers, Hannes Kurzreuther, Janne Baden, Leon Müller, Stefan Bruns [Polyplan-Kreikenbaum]
Inga Eydeler, Dr. Antje Kakuschke, Dr. Stefanie Hirch, Dr. Jürgen Spieker [KLS Gewässerschutz]
On behalf of the Working Group Swimming Lakes and Ponds: ‘Arbeitsgemeinschaft Badeseen und
Schwimmteiche‘ (ABS)