Urban aquatic circular economy for Bremen

Our new research and development project UrbanAqua started in August 2023 as a funded project in the “Bioeconomy on Marine Sites” (BaMS) innovation area. The location is an aquaponic pilot plant on the so-called Übersee-Insel in Bremen-Walle, which is to be developed into a model location for the urban circular economy together with our Bremen partners by the end of 2025.

The Bremen consortium includes the innovative companies Acheron GmbH and Farmcycle GmbH as well as two renowned Bremen research institutes: the Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven and Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

The overall aim of the consortium is to demonstrate how sustainable production of fish and vegetable products is feasible in the middle of the city through the best possible recycling management, i.e. bioconversion of organic residues and utilization of the by-products produced on site. Our main contribution lies in the development of measurement and control technology as well as an innovative energy concept.