Swimming Pool Gothenburg

Frihamnen AB
Gothenburg, Sweden
Execution time:
Service phases:
1 - 9

In Gothenburg, we planned a floating bath with natural water treatment together with Raumlabor Berlin. The city is developing the former free trade port “Frihamnen” into a new port world. Similar to Hamburg and Bremen, large areas of land are being freed up with the abandonment of port areas. While a master plan is usually drawn up after new land becomes available, which is then followed by development and marketing, the city of Gothenburg has a different approach towards this issue. Individual lighthouse projects should motivate citizens to discover this new part for themselves. The actual development follows only in the second step.
One of the lighthouse projects is the floating pool with natural water treatment of a similar design to the one we have planned in London: Thames Pool.
The Gothenburg bath was designed for 250 bathers per day. The water treatment system was installed in containers and barges common to ports and is staged as a deliberate design element. The bath was supposed to fit into the industrial background. The planning was done in collaboration with Raumlabor Berlin and the client Jessica Segerl and and Kristoffer Nellson.

The pool consists of a monolithic steel structure, which is inserted into the concrete floating docks during assembly. The pool is insulated with 100 mm PU foam insulation, and can be heated via the heater located in the technical container.
Pool supervision is provided by Polyplan’s experienced pool supervision team. All the data is collected via our online monitor DANA.

The bath is open since 03.08.2015 and enjoys great popularity. The city of Gothenburg is currently considering another bath of this type in the city center area.


Usable water surface: 150 m²
Total water volume: 300 m³
Water treatment: 3 Neptune filters (approx. 40 m² total area)
Nominal number of visitors: 265 bathers / day

The bath is intensively used and the number of visitors are about 40,000 visitors per year. Therefore is the bath, in relation to the pool volume, the most intensively operated bath with biological water treatment.