Natural Swimming Pool, Hainholz

City of Hannover Department of Sports and Pools
Execution time:
2017 to 2018
Service phases:
1 - 9
Building costs:
600,000 Euro
Planning Fees:
approx. 100,000 Euro

The water technology for the natural swimming pool in the Hainholz district was completely renewed and renovated in 2017/18. The natural swimming pool has a swimmer’s pool with a diving area, a non-swimmer’s area with a beach, slide, waterfall and a toddler area. A sunbathing lawn with old trees invites you to linger in the shade in summer and is a district park for the people of Hainholz outside the bathing season. Also, access to the new facility is now completely barrier-free.

The water is treated naturally without the use of chlorine or other chemical agents. Therefore, the Hainhölzer natural bath is an ideal bathing place especially for people with skin problems.


Swimmer: 33 m x 1.8 m deep swimmer pool with an area of 805 m³.
Diving area with 1 and 3 m high jumping rocks
Non-swimmer: 790 m³ with pebble beach, wide water slide and rocks with waterfall
Kiddy pool: 120 m³