Natural swimming pool Tessiner Südsee

City of Tessin
Execution time:
2010 to 2012
Service phases:
1 - 9
Building costs:
1.3 M Euro
Planning Fees:
150,000 Euro

The Tessin Natural Swimming Pool is located on an area immediately south of the existing sports and recreation facility in the area of Saint Jürgen Street. The site covers an area of approximately 1.7 hectares.
The bathing lake was built as a bath with biological water treatment according to the FLL 2011 and the filter areas are located in the eastern part of the site.
The lake has an area of about 2,500 m² and water depth up to 4 m. A 25 m pool with 4 lanes is integrated in the eastern section. On the western bank, a bridge and a water slide were built, as well as two smaller pools, each with a water surface of about 50 m² were also realized. Beach areas with a total area of about 1,400m² surround the bathing lake to the south and north.

The following basic requirements were placed on the plans:

  • an organic or curved design style was expected
  • a swimming area (25-meter lanes)
  • a diving pool
  • extremely large beach areas
  • long beach access
  • low maintenance
  • low operating costs


Swimmer basin

  • Water surface: 1,355 m²
  • Water depths: 1.8 to 4 m
  • Total water volume: 2,850 m³

Non-Swimmer Pool

  • Water surface: 1,148 m²
  • Water depth: 0.1 to 1.35 m
  • Water volume: 800 m³

Kiddy pool

  • Water surface: 110 m²
  • Water depth: 0 to 0.3 m
  • Water volume: 20 m³

Water treatment

  • Neptune filter (approx. 200 m² total area)
  • Flooded soil filter: 150 m²
  • Pure water volume flow: 3,150 m³/d
  • Nominal number of bathers: 745 bathers/d
  • Heating: none

Special requirements to the service provided:

Special requirements had to be met here in terms of cost-effective construction on peaty subsoil with strong slope water deposits. The bath should have little maintenance over the season and should have a bathing lake character with a surrounding beach. Today, the bath is quite the attraction in the region, drawing visitors from as far away as Rostock, and is one of the few lucrative outdoor pools in Germany.

Polyplan took over the general planning in this project and carried out all disciplines from open space to pool technology, including PLC programming, commissioning and subsequent monitoring. The latter is still in operation today and ensures the desired sustainable, successful pool operation.
In the planning process, only the services of the soil expertise and the structural analysis were not carried out in-house with the company’s own resources.