Auenweiher in Fulda

Magistrat der Stadt Fulda
Execution time:
2017 to 2022
Service phases:
1 - 4
Building costs:
1.5 M Euro

Planning of the watercourse rehabilitation including planning of an urban bathing area.

A sustainable attractiveness of the lakes was planned with regard to their bathing use and open space design.

The condition of the water bodies is to be improved through complementary therapeutic measures.

Within the framework of the preliminary investigations and the concept development by Polyplan GmbH, the merging of the lakes into one landscape lake was conceptualised after the basic investigation.

The following measures were planned:

  • Shoreline reshaping and partial clearance of sediments and partial clearance of the separating embankment
  • Nutrient removal through a ground filter system
  • Installation of aerators to increase net sedimentation
  • Planning of a bathing beach on the southern shore of the flood plain