Natur Pool Info 2023

Dear Readers,the memories of the pandemic‘s restrictions on pool operations were just fading when the nextbad news hit pool operators last year. Due to the gas shortage, pool water temperatures in indoorpools were reduced in order to contribute to energy savings. The situation has since stabilizedagain, but after covid demonstrated how reliant on the natural […]

Natural swimming pool Linderhohl

Polyplan-Kreikenbaum has taken over the planning and construction supervision for the water technology of the natural swimming pool Linderhohl.

Natur Pool Info 2022

Dear Readers,while there has been less going on in pools in the last two years than in previous years due to the Covid situation, a lot has happened in the area of planning and development. Judging by the number of new pool designs, the industry is slowly transitioning out of the niche and into a […]

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Natural pool info 01/2021

The Naturbadinfo is an annual newsletter on the subject of natural pools. Read news about technology, hygiene and current bathrooms.