Baths with biological water treatment

As in disinfected pool bath....

…the bath with biological water treatment also consists of an utilization area (in-situ) and a, mostly outsourced, treatment area (ex-situ). Just like in a disinfected pool, the depot effect (slow release of the disinfectant to reduce sudden concentration) of the disinfectant in the pool water takes place, in a biological bath, the following degradation mechanisms take place:

  • Filtration by zooplankton
  • Competitive situations of microorganisms
  • natural UV light.

So here, too, a degradation of harmful germs, viruses and protozoa takes place in the area of use.

The use of biological water treatment systems, such as filtration systems and hydro-botanical systems, have to ensure that the bacterial counts in the pool water are minimized. So that here the guideline values required by the legislator for the indicator germs E.coli, enterococci and Pseudomonas aeruginosa are reliably met.

Every year, millions of people around the world enjoy a carefree bathing experience in baths with biological water treatment, which sometimes have the character of a pool and sometimes the character of a swimming pond.

For the latest news on the international development of baths with biological water treatment, please visit the homepage of the “Internationalen Organisation für naturnahe Badegewässer” (IOB).

The many installations successfully built around the world are a clear indication of the system’s functional efficiency and safety.

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