DANA 2.0

With DANA 2.0, we make IoT available - and safe - for swimming pools and lakes.

Our customers have a much-diversified requirement based on their measured values, data volume as well as the plant technology. With DANA 2.0, we can now offer intuitive software for holistic operational management. Not only the operational and weather data, but also the laboratory values, live data and highly reliable alarm management systems are now available on a single platform. The web-based interface also features integrated control. Everything from a single source, secure, fast and flexible.

Trial access and licensing:

You can get a test access on request to: info@dana-control.de. If you are convinced and would like to run your own project, please contact us.

We work with our partner companies, who especially serve private end customers and put together the right license packages with you. If you operate a communal bath or if you are already
a customer of Polyplan-Kreikenbaum, you will receive direct access to DANA 2.0 and the appropriate license model from us.

Under the following link you will find a detailed tutorial and introduction to DANA 2.0: 


Jakob Stocker

Telephone: 0421 - 178 76 20

Hannes Kurzreuther

Telephone: 0421 - 178 76 21